Within Orb Episode 5 with Camm Cassidy

Astrologer Camm Cassidy of Omegastrology gets Within Orb to share his love of celestial mathematics and groovy traditional methods with host Jenn Zahrt! Camm and Jenn discuss everything from A to Z (and a half!) – from reading the dictionary for fun (we’re looking at you, Saturn!), to a mini lesson on the twelfth parts, to the origin of the Placidus house system, to how to calculate planetary hours! Head spinning? That’s not all! We’ve also got: bibliographies as a curriculum, the excavation of human character, and… can “the Lord of the Orb” be our job title?


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Episode timestamps (conversation recorded April 2023):

01:02 – Camm’s first astro book as a small person was the quasi-astrological A Little Book of Coincidence by John Martineau. Also, a nod goes to Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic by Vanessa Montgomery. (Note: Some books mentioned are available on our bookshop.org page, so do check it out! By purchasing books through this site, you help support CAELi… and that’s a win-win, doncha know!) 

04:49 – Let’s be astrology book nerds with our friend Camm! What 3 astrology books would he take to the Altai Mountains in Mongolia? Once a magnifying glass is included, Camm’s number one pick is The Arcana Dictionary of Astrology by Fred Gettings.

08:18 – Camm’s second pick: The Astrology of Sahl b. Bishr: Volume I: Principles, Elections, Questions, Nativities by Sahl Ibn Bishr and translated by Benjamin Dykes 

12:02 – Visit our sponsor, Rod Suskin School of Astrology!

17:13 – Tune in to hear Camm’s elegant description of the twelfth parts!

20:33 – Camm’s third selection for his mountain pilgrimage is The Primum Mobile by Placidus de Titus, translated by John Cooper. Lots to learn about timing techniques and using different time scales to represent the evolution of our lives!

27:03 – What astrology books for beginners would Camm recommend? The Corpus Hermeticum, which covers astrology, alchemy, and magic. Also, a great primer is Demetra George’s Astrology and the Authentic Self. And finally, the unique Rhetorius the Egyptian translated by James Holden – which covers chart synthesis and how to combine lots of different astro pieces (e.g., the Parts and prenatal points).

32:04 – You can find Camm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the handle @omegastrology. (And do we love that Camm gave CAELi a little shout-out at the end? You betcha we do! Thanks, Camm!)

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Show notes by Jen Braun, JJ Boots Productions LLC.

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