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Celestial Arts Education Library
Donation Program

We understand that membership may not be possible for everyone. If you would like to support us in other ways, please consider a few options we’ve set up that will allow us to grow and continue to enrich our shared community.

Through our PayPal link you can set up either a one-time donation or a donation set on a recurring basis. Your funds will be used to help us grow and establish new programs, for both active members and the surrounding community. Our mission is to be a gathering place for book lovers and scholars alike – remaining committed to the diligently curious and offer curated collection, vibrant conversations, innovative speakers, and workspaces for scholarly endeavors. 

Thank you for considering a donation to our institute and we hope to welcome you someday to our beautiful space. 

Book Donation Program

We are always looking for interesting collections of quality books in good condition. We accept curated collections in specific fields, as well as small donations of individual titles. 


Academic: We currently accept quality scholarly studies focusing on the celestial arts and astrological fields, by researchers around the world, and researching any time period or culture.

Nonfiction: Books appropriate for the CAELi collection include studies of the history or philosophy of astrology from various cultures and any time period, books that focus on the practice and techniques of the celestial arts broadly interpreted, and contemporary books that present celestial commentary on the world around us.

Fiction: Certain works of fiction may be relevant to the collection on a case-by-case basis.

Archival: In limited cases, we will accept the donation of a notable astrologer’s personal research files for future research purposes. Space to host these types of materials is currently extremely competitive and limited.


Please contact with the following information:

  • What are the strong areas of the collection? (type of astrology covered, etc.)
  • Did the person(s) building this collection have expertise?
  • What is the ratio of hardcover to paperback books?
  • What is the ratio of contemporary to older titles?
  • What percentage is translated literature?
  • What percentage are personal research archives?

It is helpful to provide three or four photos of book spines on your shelves. If the collection is a good fit, we’ll make arrangements to discuss your collection and talk about the next steps for donation. All donors will be asked to sign a donor agreement form.

We Don't Accept

  • Books in disrepair, dirty, moldy or water damaged

  • Books with excessive writing, highlighting or markings

  • Books that are too dated, such as mass market almanacs

  • Bound copies of magazines

  • Non-astrological books:

    • Case Law and Procedural Law books

    • Children’s books

    • Comic books

    • Cookbooks

    • Dictionaries

    • Encyclopedias or World Books

    • Genre Fiction (young adult, horror, romance)

    • Readers Digests, Almanacs, Who’s Who, or National Geographic, etc.


Condition matters! If you would not sell it or give it to a friend, think twice before donating it.

Periodicals Donations

Please be sure to choose the print version, so everybody can enjoy the magazine at CAELi.

Contact Us for further instructions on how to send printed periodicals.