Services & Activities in the Library

The Celestial Arts Education Library doors are open.

Housed in a historic 1901 Craftsman building, CAELi curates an extensive collection of over 10,000 astrology books, journals, and archival sources from nearly all facets of astrological practice, with a primary focus on the Western lineage.

We have meeting rooms and work spaces for members, and we offer lectures and advanced study classes online and in-person for our community.

Upcoming Events

Short Course: Nicholas Culpeper’s Astrological Medicine

Book Chat: An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos with Andrea L. Gehrz

Book Chat: Vettius Valens Anthology, Book One with Andrea L. Gehrz

Book Chat: Ensoulment with Andrea L. Gehrz

Book Chat: Tetrabiblos, Book One with Andrea L. Gehrz

Past Events

Project Talk: J D Kelley and the making of AstroMagia

Book Chat: Poetry, Saturn, and wrest with Hillary Schofield

Course: Astrology Rocks!

Course: Astrology Rocks!

Book Chat: The Starry Rubric with Dr Alexander Cummins

Book Chat - Vettius Valens' Anthology with Chris Brennan

Book Launch: The Messianic Star by Martin Wells

Book Launch: Skylights edited by Dr. Frances Clynes

Book Chat: "Solar Forecasting" with Rok Koritnik

Book Chat: "The IC" with Pallas K. Augustine and Hugh Tran

Book Launch: England's First Astrology Book, by Chris Mitchell

An Update on
In-Person Events

To protect the health and safety of our community, in-person events at CAELi are paused temporarily. Visit the COVID Health and Safety page for our current policies and procedures in place. We look forward to having everyone coming in and enjoying the space with us.