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“Of the Vault of Heaven” –

CAELi is a member-supported astrological library, archive and research institute located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, in the historic town of Tumwater.

CAELi is an institution for diverse and in-depth study of astrology for both scholars and laypeople. Founded by the need to have a space to read, study and to dive deeper into contemporary and historic celestial study, CAELi is an incubator for new ideas and cutting-edge research in the field.

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Fertility Astrology Intensive

This fall, take part in our first-ever intensive seminar. In 14 jam-packed weeks, learn everything you need to know about the astrology of fertility.

Join Nicola Smuts-Allsop, author of Fertility Astrology, at CAELi for an intensive, online seminar teaching you all the relevant classical, medical astrological techniques, alongside methods unique to modern astrology that you will need to give your clients practical, actionable advice about their fertility journey.

This course takes place online and costs $750. You can aim for certification in fertility astrology through Nicola for another $500, in the spring of 2024. Attendance in this course is a requirement to be eligible for the certification track.

This course runs on Saturdays from 8:30-10am Pacific / 4:30-6pm GMT.

Payment plan available at this link

Secure your spot before our September 9th start date!

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Events & Activities at CAELi


Delve into the +10,000 volumes of astrological books and journals in our collection. Request digital scans and obtain research advice from our librarians.


Take virtual or in-person courses on astrological subjects and related esoteric fields to expand your horizons, deepen your understanding, and enhance your practice.


Share ideas with peers, find others interested in niche astrologies, gather together in our meeting rooms and come to online and in-person events at the library.


Learn from leading scholars and practitioners in our signature book talks and webinars. We hope to have more in-person lectures and classes soon.

Upcoming Events

Events & Courses

Course: Astrology Rocks!

Course: Astrology Rocks!

Book Chat: The Starry Rubric with Dr Alexander Cummins

Book Chat - Vettius Valens' Anthology with Chris Brennan

Founding members

Become a founding member of CAELi and help ensure
the legacy of celestial arts for the future.

CAELi is a member-supported library and cultural center offering cultural and astrological conversations, book and art discussions, a circulating collection of donated books, and accessible online work spaces with engaging members of the community.

“It is impossible to talk about astrology as a monolithic entity, unchanged since ancient times and the same from culture to culture … under the general rubric of astrology there are competing methodologies, a diversity of techniques, and a variety of underlying philosophies.”
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