Partners of CAELi

CAELi is proud to be partnered with leading contributors of the Celestial Arts and Literary communities. Our alliances expand and benefit our members’ networks, providing unparalleled access to the foremost thinkers of our time. Continue below to read more about the companies we’ve aligned with.

Revelore’s inspiration is encoded in the very name: revel in lore. The one thread that weaves together everything that Revelore does is the joy of narrative, the delight in language and what it makes possible, and sparking that joy in others, whether as consumers or creators themselves. The vision for the press is to work with and publish like-minded revelers who have something profound to bring to our experience of narrative in all its forms (even nonlinguistic) and establish a supportive community to allow this work to grow and morph as we all grow together.

SCP’s work is based in the Humanities and crosses history, anthropology, philosophy and archaeology. We examine the role of cosmological, astronomical and astrological beliefs, models and ideas in human culture, including the theory and practice of myth, magic, divination, religion, spirituality, architecture, politics and the arts in any time period or culture. We consider the ways in which people have tried to live in harmony with the cosmos, the sky and nature, touch on ecology, and deal with the modern world as well as with indigenous or ancient cultures. We consider the nature of the space and place on Earth as well as in the sky, and recent publications consider the narratives and ethics of modern space exploration.  We deal with both theory and practice.

The Western world’s most recognized astrology magazine. The Mountain Astrologer is passionate about providing a print publication that delights the senses, both on and off the digital screen. Every carefully crafted issue features articles, columns, and forecasts that enrich the lives of our readers. From novice to sage, our pages provoke deep and playful self-discovery by exploring a wide range of techniques, research, mythology, and humor — a feast of information you will want to revisit time and time again.

The McLuhan Institute exists to explore and understand the personal and social effects and implications of technology, following the pioneering work of Marshall McLuhan.