Within Orb Episode 51 with Travis Black

Astrologer, magician, and bodyworker Travis Black joins host Jenn Zahrt from Seattle, Washington to chat books and more! Together, the duo tackle a lot of ground, including: decoding planetary magic; Vedic astrology; the Plutonian elements of a famous TV reboot; Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions; planetary cancellation conditions; finding the least worst astrology; ritual and timing recipes; Jupiter in Gemini and Lemminkäinen; myth knowledge and cultural exploration; barycenters; astrology as an access point to philosophy, science, psychology, divinities, literature, and more; citing your sources; observational astronomy; telescopes and theodolites; images of synodic cycles; Dark Moon Lilith; and getting comfortable with not knowing. Plus: Twin Peaks, the “Gideon” ephemeris, and… it’s the water!

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