Within Orb Episode 50 with Drew Levanti

Astrologer and educator Drew Levanti joins host Jenn Zahrt from San Francisco, California to touch base about astrology (and non-astrology) books! The pair cover a lot of ground, including: following Jupiter lines in hindsight; jumping into the deep end of the book pool; the presence of a chorus of ancestors and a loosing of the bond; how elements can mix in different proportions; letting the silence fill us; how 9/11 transformed ideologies around death; coming apart and coming together; death charts as the birth of the afterlife; time twins; termination versus inception; the Orphic Hymns; the importance of remembering the soul discourse; and a bounty of cemetery stories. Plus: tightrope walkers, shell mounds and the Albany Bulb, and… a tender story about organ donation!

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