Within Orb Episode 48 with Dana Connor

Astrologer and herbalist Dana Conner joins host Jenn Zahrt from Palm Springs, California to cover books and more! Tune in as Dana and Jenn chat about: being the author of your own destiny; wise words regarding temperament from Dr. Lee Lehman; how our charts are where we start, not where we finish; herbalism and spagyrics; prediction and zodiacal releasing; timelines and publication histories; career changes and cosmic insight; doing research at CAELi, yay!; Thea Anderson on the astrology of convict leasing in Sugar Land, TX; a question about mundane astrology, answered; and “the REAL only astrology book you actually will ever need,” lol! Plus: copious fun facts, Scorpio lore, and… mothers of the astrologers for the win!

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