Within Orb Episode 47 with Hawk Grubb

Astrologer and magician Hawk Grubb joins host Jenn Zahrt from Portland, Oregon in a unique not-books book chat! Set your books aside (mostly), and tune in for the punk episode, including: astrology as a harmonizing framework; divination and how music helps absorb star stuff; getting the thinking brain out of the way; learning about others via your own natal chat; being a patron versus being a participant; books as ossified conversations; the friendship lineage; learning together, not top-down; plant alchemy; stories of Apollo and Asclepius; fixed stars; and the Orphic Hymns. Plus: beautiful dandelions, the Myth of Er, and… remember MySpace??

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Transcripts available upon request.

Song “Wake Up” used with permission by The E-Block Band.


Episode timestamps (conversation recorded May 2024):

00:31 – Hawk Grubb is a magician, diarist, and professional astrologer/magical mentor living in the Pacific Northwest. In another life you’d have found them delivering prophecy, bent over the cracks in the cave floor at Pytho. In this life, you can find them doing the same thing, but like, on the computer.

01:07 – How did Hawk get into astrology? Magic, music, and tarot helped on that front; they found astrology a great framework for understanding reality. But also, Hawk lived near Adam Elenbaas and his future wife Ashley’s yoga studio and wound up studying with Adam! (Listen to Adam in Episode 25, Adam Elenbaas: On Daily Practice, Devotion, Divination, & Donation.)

10:26 – Hawk shares how to get into astrology as a newbie and Chris Brennan’s advice to them back in the day. Oh, and if you have a 9th house Leo Moon, you’re in good company!

15:04 – Interlude: Join CAELi and snag yourself a Saturn stress-relief ball. (Yes, you read that right!)

15:51 – Hawk explains “the friendship lineage,” and the beauty of teaching and learning while communing with others. Less like a ladder and more like a web – woot!

20:40 – Book alert! Yep, the duo snuck a few titles into this no-book book talk: both The Symposium and The Republic by Plato get a mention, as does Utopia by Sir Thomas More.

22:41 – Tune in to hear about plant alchemy! (And check out Jenn’s dandelion article, Controversy and Conversion: Astrological Considerations for Potent Herbal Workings.)

25:49 – Hawk’s shares a story of Apollo!

29:05 – Bernadette Brady’s fixed star tip, and a brief trip to the Orphic Hymns.

36:16 – Find Hawk at their website: hawkstrology.com. On Instagram you can find them: @hawkstrology.

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Show notes by Jen Braun, JJ Boots Productions LLC.

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