Within Orb Episode 9 with Mj Patterson

Astrologer Mj Patterson, founder and director of the Halifax Astrology School, spoons up good news as she joins host Jenn Zahrt! The two chat about Mj’s initiatives related to the Red Seal Program, which will make astrology an official trade in Canada! Eavesdrop in the secret, underground tunnel to learn about the books that shaped Mj’s […]

Within Orb Episode 8 with Cameron Allen

Astrologer and herbalist Cameron Allen brings a cannonball to the depths of our souls! Joining in from Memphis, TN, Cameron chats with our host Jenn Zahrt about his favorite books, his work with plants, and embodying astrology with a spiritual essence. Breathe, take a break, and allow yourself to get back in your body with this one. […]

Within Orb Episode 7 with Aerin Fogel

Meet astrologer and musician Aerin Fogel, as she joins host Jenn Zahrt this week! Tune in to hear Aerin’s unique book picks, which are music to our ears. Learn all about how music and astrology are intertwined for Aerin – and enjoy a clip from her new album, “Year 8”! Plus: Venus Fest (hint: it’s not […]

Within Orb Episode 6 with James Dotson

Host Jenn Zahrt smells something wonderful brewing as she chats with astrologer and psychiatrist James Dotson about the intersection of fragrance, plants, and astrology! James offers some wonderful insights into the astrology books he loves, and shares his interests in ethnobotany, alchemy, and classical astrology. Plus: raspberry-smelling nebulas, learning trigonometry via astrology, and going in magical directions!   […]

Within Orb Episode 5 with Camm Cassidy

Astrologer Camm Cassidy of Omegastrology gets Within Orb to share his love of celestial mathematics and groovy traditional methods with host Jenn Zahrt! Camm and Jenn discuss everything from A to Z (and a half!) – from reading the dictionary for fun (we’re looking at you, Saturn!), to a mini lesson on the twelfth parts, to the […]

Within Orb Episode 4 with Clarissa Dolphin

ISAR president and Mountain Astrologer horoscope writer Clarissa Dolphin joins the podcast to talk about the astrology books she loves (as well as the books she’d steer clear of as a beginner)! Host Jenn Zahrt and Clarissa also get deep into harmonic (vibrational) astrology, midpoints, and also offer up some Sun Sign realness. Plus: Nothing wrong with hybrid freak […]

Within Orb Episode 3 with Taylor Shuler

In this episode, Taylor Shuler offers poetic guidance to a variety of astrology books, many of which she read while living the life of a digital nomad! Join Jenn and Taylor in this in-depth, interdisciplinary discussion of astrological practice. Plus: astrological interpretations from the inside out, permaculture, and creating containers for our grief.   View full show […]

Within Orb Episode 2 with Sasha Ravitch

Welcome to the second installment in our new podcast series, Within Orb! Stellar witch Sasha Ravitch shares the four books that most influenced her development. Plus: astrology books that cost an entire allowance; Can there ever be too much Saturn?; and gathering the ancestors.   View full show notes at our Within Orb pod page! View the books mentioned on […]