Within Orb Episode 40 with Mark Douglas

Astrologer and coach Mark Douglas joins host Jenn Zahrt from Prince Edward Island in Canada to chat books and more! Tune in for this discussion covering: astrological dream osmosis; the Huber method; the life clock method and a mini-lesson on age progression; the energy curve as accidental dignity; golden mean, balance points, and low points; using natal astrology to look at neighbor relationships; when the age point migrates from the fifth house to the sixth house; how the immovable nature of Pluto forces you to face your prototype; the practicality of horary; and derived houses. Plus: transits as an afterthought, how Pluto and Saturn keep us honest, and when the dog eats your astrology book!

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Song “Wake Up” used with permission by The E-Block Band.


Episode timestamps (conversation recorded March 2024):

00:31 – Mark is from Prince Edward Island, Canada. He is a student of astrology and obtained his diploma in Huber astrological psychology from the APA in 2018 (Dipl. APA). Additionally, he pursued John Frawley’s horary practitioner course from 2019 to 2023. Mark currently serves on the Association Professional Astrologers International (APAI) council and is an active member of the Atlantic Professional Astrologers Association. A practicing psychosynthesis and grief coach, Mark has been operating the Huber Astrological Psychosynthesis school since 2023, offering a comprehensive diploma program in Huber astrology.

02:00 – Mark’s first astrology book was The Illustrated Guide to Astrology: The Key to Understanding Human Destiny by Wynne Griffon. As a tween, Mark’s parents gifted him this massive text, which sent him on quite an astrological safari!

08:18 – If Mark were stuck on a desert island, which titles would he bring? Mark and Jenn first discuss the upcoming book by Becca Tarnas, The Soul of the Cosmos, because the divinity nature speaks to him. Plus, as a Gemini Mark loves to pick a book he hasn’t read yet!

10:23 – Mark’s second text would be Astrological Psychology: The Huber Method, edited by Barry Hopewell. Mark deeply studied Huber astrology, and folks can get tons of mileage out of this one book. (And to see Mark’s video explaining when the age point migrates from the fifth house to the sixth house, visit his YouTube page.

17:04 – Join the Significant Sources Salon, hosted by Dr. James Dotson at the CAELi Institute!

26:16 – Mark studied under John Frawley, and therefore his third desert island book is Frawley’s The Horary Textbook, because he refers to this one often. It also satisfies his practical, earthy nature!

34:56 – Mark’s recommendations for people just starting their astro journey include: The Cosmic Egg Timer by Joyce Susan Hopewell, Richard Llewellyn, and Barry Hopewell (because it’s a great intro to the Huber method), and Frawley’s previously mentioned The Horary Textbook.

36:36 – Find Mark at: https://www.theseawithinyou.com/. And on Instagram, Mark’s handle is @theseawithinyou.

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Show notes by Jen Braun, JJ Boots Productions LLC.

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