Within Orb Episode 12 with Janelle Belgrave

Astrologer and licensed acupuncturist Janelle Belgrave beams in from New York to chat astrology books with CAELi’s Jenn Zahrt! Don’t miss this brief but busy conversation, which runs the gamut from Janelle’s beloved texts, to writing horoscopes for thousands, to the similarities between astrology and acupuncture, to Saturn’s role as the natal glue in relationships. Plus: Princess Leia makes an entrance; relaxing the gaze and checking the weather; and why ending and failure aren’t the same thing!

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Episode timestamps (conversation recorded July 2023):

00:31 – Janelle is not only an astrologer, but also a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, clairvoyant intuitive, meditation instructor, and podcaster! The first starry book she ever read? The timeless classic from Linda Goodman, Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart. Did it make Janelle a hit at the middle school lunch table? You betcha it did!

02:03 – If Janelle were in an isolated, remote location, what books would she want with her? This self-proclaimed nerd first mentions author Sue Tompkins, with not only one, but two texts: The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook and Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope. The latter is a wonderful one because it’s theoretical and helps as a guide through problem-solving; it’s not just about rote memorization.

03:51 – The second book Janelle would bring is Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. This info-packed tome helps to fill in any gaps in knowledge!

07:20 – Sneaking in two books onto the list, Janelle next loves A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files by Judith Hill and Andrea Gehrz. The real-life case examples are intriguing and helpful! Also on the list: Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro’s On the Heavenly Spheres – making the cut for the second week in a row! This one offers the nuts and bolts of traditional astrology, and is a must-have textbook in any astrological library.

09:31 – Baby birds gotta fly! For beginners, Janelle mentions The Inner Sky by astrologer and lyrical storyteller Steven Forrest – a beloved book for many. Next, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, which is a wonderful selection for newbies. And finally, April Elliott Kent’s The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, which Janelle believes would be helpful for new astrologers.

12:25 – Visit our sponsor: Rod Suskin School of Astrology!

13:13 – Janelle also shares the astrology books that have grabbed her attention at the moment! When Stars Collide by Paul Westran is a fascinating study of couples and how secondary progressions impact the relationship. Tune in, as this kicks off a great chat around what to consider when it comes to relationships!

22:20 – Janelle is also currently reading Mapping the Psyche Volume 1: The Planets and the Zodiac by Clare Martin, which is a great read to learn about the symbols and other basic building blocks of astrological language.

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Show notes by Jen Braun, JJ Boots Productions LLC.


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