Within Orb Episode 9 with Mj Patterson

Astrologer Mj Patterson, founder and director of the Halifax Astrology School, spoons up good news as she joins host Jenn Zahrt! The two chat about Mj’s initiatives related to the Red Seal Program, which will make astrology an official trade in Canada! Eavesdrop in the secret, underground tunnel to learn about the books that shaped Mj’s practice as well as her student- and experiential-centered approach toward learning. Plus: the tidal “boar,” Pangea’s bellybutton, and … why do some people feel like sandpaper up the nose?



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Episode timestamps (conversation recorded August 2023):

00:45 – How exciting to hear about Mj’s initiatives to put astrology on the map in Canada!

07:25 – Three cheers for the “Debbie Hyphen” story! Mj loves Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You by Debbi Kempton-Smith. This fun and sassy read has been called, “the definitive lazy person’s guide to astrology.” LOL – sign us up!

10:22 – Another book that Mj was drawn to: The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future by Adam Gainsburg. Need help unlocking your Venus placement and understanding phase buddies? Then this one might be for you.

13:06 – If Mj only had a small satchel to bring to a remote location, which book would she pack? The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vol. 3: Horoscope Analysis by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers. Is it the green one? Yes. Is it filled with metaphorical gold? Yes! And how wonderful that Jenn happens to be sitting next to the room where Marion’s research is housed – go, CAELi!

15:17 – Visit our sponsor: CAELi’s Fertility Astrology Intensive!

16:17 – What is Mj’s second official book pick? The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space by A.T. Mann. This book has everything, including stunning artwork! It also has a novel approach to rectification at the back.

19:05 – Who is the Capricorn young man from Toronto with black hair? Mj’s third pick is Steven Forrest’s The Inner Sky. Gotta admire someone who understands the signs as verbs!

22:29 – What book for beginners would Mj recommend? Once again, Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook gets the hat tip. Also, anything by John Frawley or André Barbault (the latter for his work in mundane astrology). And tune in for a riveting discussion of the charts of Canada, and why Mj gave us a chuckle at the “secret a**hole” chart!

29:54 – The final honorable mention goes to Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Mj admires the wonderful index in this book, too!

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Show notes by Jen Braun, JJ Boots Productions LLC.

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