Within Orb Episode 46 with Issachar Bey

Astrologer, author, and podcaster Issachar Bey joins host Jenn Zahrt from San Antonio, Texas to chat books and more! This wide-ranging conversation brings you within orb of oodles of star stuff, including: Uranian astrology; how the glyphs have meaning; the Trans-Neptunian “planets”; geodetic astrology, relocated charts, and making your Jupiter line come to you; significators and dispositorship; the cheat code to life; blending Sabian symbols with various levels of progression; holographic transits and pattern returns; the idea of mapping out the degree-symbol systems; astro-theology; and using the Capricorn ingress. All that, plus: coming out of the star closet, using astrology to win, and… can we bring a Kindle and a charger to the deserted island??

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