Become a Partner of CAELi

CAELi is a member-supported organization who partners with businesses who contribute to the Celestial Arts and Literary communities. 

When you partner with CAELi, you create opportunities to engage your community more deeply and attract new audiences around the world. You activate the process of enduring, positive change; and you connect your brand to a unique, trusted organization that’s committed to scholarly research.

Becoming A Partner

Supporting our mission as a partner allows you to feature your business logo on our Partners page and gets you listed with our network of members, allowing them to explore your services and community engagement. The contributions you make to become a partner go directly into funding the staff requirements of CAELi, allowing us to faithfully support our membership needs with excellent customer service, library stewardship, mentoring researchers, and hosting in-house fellowships for groundbreaking scholars of the Celestial Arts. 

Monthly Contribution

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Consider becoming a CAELi donor to support our programs and operations. Your support ensures that CAELi continues to be a place where we gather to listen, learn, and participate in critical conversations.