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“Of the Vault of Heaven” –
CAELi is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the Capital of 
Washington State.

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Events & Activities at CAELi


Delve into the +5,000 volumes of astrological books in our collection.


Take virtual courses until we open our doors.


Join a community event or connect through social media.


Leading scholars are frequently being hosted in our webinars and online workspaces

Upcoming Events

Events & Courses

Book Launch: Skylights edited by Dr. Frances Clynes

Book Chat: "Solar Forecasting" with Rok Koritnik

Book Chat: "The IC" with Pallas K. Augustine and Hugh Tran

Founding members

Memberships in our founding circle open on

March 23, 2022

Become a founding member of CAELi and help ensure
the legacy of celestial arts for the future.

CAELi is a member-supported library and cultural center offering cultural and astrological conversations, book and art discussions, a circulating collection of donated books, and accessible online work spaces with engaging members of the community.

“It is impossible to talk about astrology as a monolithic entity, unchanged since ancient times and the same from culture to culture … under the general rubric of astrology there are competing methodologies, a diversity of techniques, and a variety of underlying philosophies.”
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